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Busy Parent with no time for their health & wellness?

We help time-poor Successful Parents release bodyfat, build stronger and healthier bodies that are capable of more in just 16 weeks, PAIN FREE.

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To put plain and simple – we help successful parents build strong, healthier bodies that allow them to be and do more

Our job is to ensure results and still allow you to enjoy time for the finer things in life.

You’ve known and you’ve always known – that you had the potential to have it all. But sometime around the age of 33-35, you started noticing that your physical health was getting away from you. Settling down with your partner, having a family, running a successful business, and spending time with your friends and family for social gatherings. There isn’t a lot of time left-over to ensure your physical health and wellness is in check.


Want to have more time for the finer things in life?

We show successful parents how to take back the power and create the ultimate health and wellness.

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to have everything? The health, the wealth, the relationships, the family, and the purposeful career. 


Does this sound familiar?

  • → You’re a great Parent with a loving family, your finances are in order, you are living a purposeful career, and you have great relationships.
  • → You do so well in business because mentally and emotionally, you are unstoppable
  • → But – deep down, you know there’s something missing.
  • → Something that could be better
  • → Heck, before you settled down with your partner to have children, you were looking and feeling great!
  • → But somehow at around the age of 33 your physical health started getting away from you

But don't take our word for it
Here are some clients who got some awesome results

Kirk - engineer

Being an avid gym-goer for many years, Kirk found himself in a slump during the lockdown of 2020. As he couldn't train at a gym - he took up running to keep his mental health in check. When gyms reopened at the end of 2020, Kirk was eager to gain his mass back. 

16 weeks later - he gained approx 13lbs, and lost 4% bodyfat along the way. Still, on the weekends Kirk enjoys a few cold ones with his mates. 


Jules - Corporate security

"I highly recommend Shaun as a Personal Trainer and love his approach thus far, and he will definitely keep you accountable. That’s the main reason why I hired Shaun to kick-start my 2020 health protocol"

James - Financial planner

"I've been working with Shaun and the team at Desiderate Culture for the last 6 months and have seen the results. Shaun has focused not only on improving my performance at the gym, but also my nutrition, sleep and overall lifestyle. I feel I'm in the best shape I've been for some time. Couldn't recommend a more personal, genuine and professional trainer."

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