Face-To-Face Training

Face-To-Face Training

Are you a time-poor successful DAD? We help people like you cultivate ultimate health and wellness to create more time for the finer things in life.

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to have everything? The health, the wealth, the relationships, the family, and the purposeful career.

Does this sound familiar?
– You’re a great Dad with a loving family, your finances are in order, you are living a purposeful career, and you have great relationships.
– You do so well in business because mentally and emotionally, you are unstoppable
– But – deep down, you know there’s something missing.
– Something that could be better
– Heck, before you settled down with your partner to have children, you were looking and feeling great!
– But somehow at around the age of 33 your physical health started getting away from you

You’re not alone
We show high-level dads how to take back the power and create the ULTIMATE health and wellness.

Our 16 week Face-To-Face program includes:

– A unique blueprint on how you’re going to achieve (and sustain) the ultimate health and wellness
– A Personalized Lifestyle Program based on your Health-type
– An easy to follow nutrition plan based on your Health-type and an epigenetic report highlighting potential functional impacts caused by environmental toxins, electromagnetic impacts, nutritional diet, lifestyle and underlying food stressors.
– Real time analysis of how well your organs are functioning, and how to correct them moving forward
– A standards based exercise program that is designed to help you restore, build and enhance the movement of your body

To put plain and simple – we help successful dads get ripped and feel as good as they look.
So, as coaches our job in sport, is to make athletes so good, that they not only win, but so they annihilate the competition. Not only in their sport, but in every aspect of their life.
For us to do this, we need to discover the linchpins that are holding you back, and to correct them.
Through physical training, nutrition, and education, we will take you to Beyond the Dad Bod.
Your partner will thank you for having the energy you had back when you first met
Your business colleagues will wonder what pill you’ve taken

Are you ready to take the next step?
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