Shaun's Bio

Shaun's Bio

I’m Shaun.

Growing up, I was the big kid.

Struggling to maintain a healthy weight and lacking self-confidence. I remember weighing 69 kilograms when I was 10 years old.

I was an active kid and ate according to the norm. Little did I realise that what we deemed as ‘healthy food’ was actually a twisted spiral of bad food choices that led to poor health.

When our family moved to a more remote location, where after school activities were limited. The exercise stopped, computer gaming became the norm, and the nutritional choices remained the same. Before I knew it, I was 110kg and struggling with self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence. This struggle lived with me for many years.

On one occasion, I had a bit of a health scare that was a result of too much drinking and felt the worst I’ve ever felt. I soon realised that at the ripened age of 20, I no longer wanted to continue this way of living, so I made some radical changes to my lifestyle. At the time, I was borderline obese. I changed my habits to eat less overall and having smaller meals more frequently. I even lost 13kg from running 3-5 days per week but it wasn’t sustainable.

While on the internet, I stumbled across a YouTube advertisement, “The Ancient Chinese secret to getting ripped 6 pack abs”. While certainly click bait, I purchased the program, and it taught me the very basics on how to train and how to meal prep. The problem was that it was a one-size fits all, cookie cutter diet. That certainly works in the short term, but just as any diet, these approaches never succeed long term, as they don’t tend to upgrade knowledge or skill sets, and instead are geared towards changing behaviours. It wasn’t until truly understanding nutrition and realising that nutrition is a skillset and can be trained, that I really started getting lasting results for clients and myself.

While following the program, I found it amazing that if you simply commit to putting the work in at the gym on a consistent basis, the results are inevitable. It could take as little as a few days or as long as six months to start to see results.

This curiosity is one of the things that drove me to become a personal trainer, and being my own self-experiment when it came to all things gym related.

When I was at university, I was very unmotivated in life. I knew that I wanted to complete a bachelor’s degree, but I was not enjoying what I was studying. It took me 4 years, 2 different universities and 2 vastly different degrees to realise that the path I was headed down was not the path for me. Half-way through the semester of studying my second degree, I couldn’t take it any longer and knew I had to get out because I was heading down the same path as before. The decision to pull myself out of university allowed me to reflect and redirect my life.

This is when I decided to pursue my passion of gym and exercise, and to study a Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

I finally found something that I wanted to increase my knowledge on.

Upon completing my certificates, I was still eager to further my tertiary education and so I applied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science (majoring in Sport Science) at Swinburne University of Technology.

Studying a Health Science degree with a major in Sport Science and minor in Nutrition gave me an excellent base knowledge in the areas of human psychology, sociology, physiology, sport science and nutrition. To further enhance my experience at Swinburne, I was fortunate enough to travel to Germany as part of my study curriculum. That year abroad gave me a huge opportunity to develop and grow personally and mentally.

Upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I began working as a Personal Trainer in Goodlife Wantirna, where I have experienced and developed the skills and knowledge to be a successful Personal Trainer.

I found myself getting results for people but I really wanted to be the best. I looked for the best course to take me to the next level, and that’s when I became a student of Wolfpack. A mentoring program ran specific for all things personal training. Through this program, I have been able to grow and develop so much more than I could have anticipated.

The thing I love most about Personal Training is that I get to be who I am and what I love to do. I get to inspire change in people and help them realise the potential they did not believe they had.

In my own health and fitness endeavours, I have competed in Powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting and most recently, I competed in my first Men’s Physique Bodybuilding show.

I now no longer struggle with self-doubt. I am happier and more fulfilled, and love to push beyond any self-held limitations by consistently setting new challenges.

I look forward to meeting you and it will be a pleasure to guide you to where you want to go.



Your past does not define you. It prepares you.

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